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Prosperous Communities is an experienced consulting, research, and training organization dedicated to helping create prosperous and sustainable communities, encourage entrepreneurship and small business development, and develop leaders with financial proficiency and business acumen.

Dr. Bill Hettinger, the President of Prosperous Communities, is an internationally known expert in business development, finance, economic development, and workforce housing solutions.

Prosperous Communities combines academic rigor with real world knowledge and experience to devise and implement effective solutions to complex business and social problems

Our clients include cities and towns worldwide, national nonprofit organizations, small, community-based nonprofits, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurs. 

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We serve national and local nonprofit organizations, cities and towns worldwide, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and the most valuable engine of our economy - the entrepreneur.

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We will turn your ideas into actions.
Prosperous Communities offers a full range of consulting, research and training services.

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Ideas Into Actions

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Finance Without Fear is the ultimate finance book. This book is a must real for anyone starting or managing a business. The easy-to-read style helps remove the fear of finance for the entrepreneur, the small business owner, and the manager.

Finance does not need to be mysterious and intimidating. Basic finance is not hard to understand, and the business owner or manager who understands finance has a leg up on the competition.

Finance Without Fear explains the key financial statements - the cash flow statement, profit and loss statement, and balance sheet - and provides the tools to analyze these statements.

In the short amount of time it will take to read Finance Without Fear, you will learn the basics of finance, and the keys to creating and managing a profitable business.



Affordable housing is a pressing problem that challenges communities today. Populations grow, but the supply of land remains fixed. Housing prices rise faster than incomes. Even middle-class folks can't afford to live in many communities any more. Cities and towns worldwide face a growing housing crisis.

Living and Working in Paradise: Why Housing is Too Expensive
and What Communities Can Do about It

delves into the theories of economics and housing and identifies housing market externalities -- growth management regulations, exclusionary zoning and land-use regulations, and second-home demand - as the causes of housing market failure and the growing
community housing crisis.

Videos and Podcasts

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We can provide one-on-one coaching to assist with the leadership development of business and non-profit professionals and to provide guidance and assistance on specific projects.

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"We urge anyone and everyone concerned about the housing shortage to pick up a copy of Hettinger's book."

-- Key West Citizen, July 31, 2005

Essential reading for anyone interested in the provision of affordable housing solutions involving private and government partnerships.

– Social and Economic Studies, June 2005

Hettinger’s research… will provide a useful tool, which can be used by middle class America in their efforts to firstly understand rapidly increasing housing costs and secondly what can be done about it. 

– Journal of Urban Affairs, April 2005

Overall, the text is highly informative and of considerable value to community planners, local government officials, civic activists and others.

-- Planning Perspectives, January 2006

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